Do you do custom work?

Yes! Many folks have asked for tweaks to standard recipes or products due to their personal situations. Sometimes, clients would like me to create something unique for them, and I'm more than happy to oblige.

Please use the Contact page to reach out if you would like to commission a custom order.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

I usually package an order within 3 days, assuming the product is in stock and I don't have to remake it from scratch. (That's happened on occasion, but I'll email if something comes up.) From there, I'll send your order via basic USPS domestic shipping or international shipping and give you a tracking number. US orders should arrive within a week; international will take longer. 

How do you estimate shipping costs?

The estimated shipping at the checkout is created on the backend, calculated by the dimensions of our box plus the given weight of the packaging plus any items you purchase. If it ends up being more than that, then we'll eat the extra shipping costs at no additional charge to you.

Can you do expedited shipping for an order?

Yes—contact me and we can discuss what needs to happen to ensure your product will make it there on time.

Can you ship to X?

I can ship all over the world for various rates!

However,I cannot ship aromatherapy items (i.e., the oil perfumes) to the European Union due to import regulations. (I need to get all the oils chemically profiled and registered before I'm permitted to do so.)

I'm sorry, can I get a refund?

Certainly! I will be happy to refund you the cost of the product if what you receive is "defective," by which I mean the product's packaging is clearly broken (during transit or some other time), rancid or expired in some way, or you react badly to the product in some way (i.e., allergic reaction to the oils, the mugwort in a dream pillow has unpleasant side effects, etc.).

If you'd rather, I can send you a replacement or modification for just the cost of shipping and packaging.

However, realize that while I spell and intention each and every product that leaves my door, I cannot guarantee any sort of outcomes by using my products or services.

I do a lot of research and testing to ensure that my products are designed from start to finish to fulfill a certain outcome, whether it's extra energy or smooth skin. Before I put a product on the shelf, I and my testers feel that they accomplish what they were designed to do on a comparatively consistent basis.

However, sometimes magic, herbs, and oils simply aren't enough to change a situation. In cases like these, I cannot offer a refund—but I will do what I reasonably can to help you overcome your situation.

Are your items available for wholesale? What about in my subscription box?

Yes, tentatively. I do have wholesale rates for all of my products, so message me if you would like that list. However, that price may change based on timing, scheduling and other factors. 

I will not offer my products on consignment, so please plan to pay for the products you order before I will ship them to your location.

What oils do you use in your aromatherapy products and spelled oils?

Primarily, my main oil suppliers are Mountain Rose Herbs and Plant Therapy, with a few others mixed in. (I talk about it more on my About Us page.)

What about Young Living or doTERRA? Do you use their oils?

I do not and will not use any oils from Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) organizations. Ever. Period. End of story.

It's not necessarily that their oils are bad. Many of them aren't (...even aside from the "Therapeutic grade" marketing nonsense that isn't even an actual certification, just a trademarked tagline, but don't get me started). The sales reps they have can also be educated in the safe use of these oils, though admittedly those are harder to find than I'd like.

I have a fundamental moral problem with how MLM companies run their business and market their products. I think many of their publicly encouraged and/or tolerated practices are unsafe and unwise, and so refuse to support them.

I have X condition—can I use your product?

I don't know; have you asked your doctor?

Legally, I am not a medical professional and so cannot offer advice on your specific situation and whether my products can help you. 

Here are some good rules of thumb when it comes to using herbal and aromatherapy products to help get you on the right path, but remember that every person is different. If you're unsure, just ask your doctor first!

  • Pay attention to the warnings on the bottom of all my products. I do lots of research including the contraindications for all my oils and recipes, and will often list known reactions and complications on the product page. They're not just there to cover my butt legally—they're genuine warnings!
  • If you're pregnant, stop right now. Consult your obstetrician, gynecologist, Douala, or other trusted medical professional before using any herbal or aromatherapy product while pregnant or breastfeeding. Remember: Just because it's "natural" does not mean it's automatically safe for use!
  • If you're epileptic, avoid products that include rosemary, sage, and basil essential oils (just as a good starting point).
  • Most citrus oils like Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarin, and Sweet Orange can cause phototoxicity, so steer clear of the sun for a bit if you've got sensitive skin. (I haven't personally experienced this side effect with my blends on myself and neither have my testers, but better safe than sorry!)
  • Don't apply undiluted essential oil directly to the skin. (We're back to "why I think certain companies are morally compromised and endanger the public with their propaganda.")
  • NEVER ingest essential oils unless you're being treated by a doctor trained overseas in French aromatherapy practices. I don't care if you know so-and-so whose diabetes was cured by swallowing pills of cinnamon essential oil. Unless a doctor has taken a tissue sample, grown a culture in a Petri dish, and tested oil reactions on the culture to approve the treatment, do not consume oils. 
    • As an alternative, try dried herbs. They're (usually) safer than the super-high concentrations of essential oils, and a helluva lot cheaper, too.

Do you have a Mandatory Legalese section?

Why, yes! Yes, I do. Here it is:

By purchasing any products from The Card and Vine and/or Theresa Hart (me!), you understand that neither the company nor myself has guaranteed, nor will guarantee, any specific outcome. You also absolve this company and the maker (also me) from any liability for any results of use of the product. You will also read all instructions of use, warnings, etc., and will discontinue use as soon as an inimical reaction has taken place and seek prompt medical attention if necessary. Note that the FDA has not reviewed or approved any of my statements here on this website or elsewhere. Any products or information I offer should not be mistaken for professional medical advice, nor should they be used in lieu of professional medical, financial, psychological, or other services. My products and information offered are not intended—nor do they guarantee—to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.